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We are three creative women full of passion and spunk with many different, and unique skill sets. We have decided to put all our crafty expertise together to create the most exclusive boutique around. We have dreamt about jumping into business with each other for a very long time, and now year 2020 has presented itself by making our dreams come true. That's What She Shed will be opening April 18th and gracing the world with a gorgeous boutique full of one-of-a-kind shabby chic furniture, signs, home decor, antique treasures, beautiful clothes, Zyia active wear, purses, and other lovely valuables. We plan to have fun project nights where our customers can come and gather while they put their hands to work indulging in a fun take-home project. We will have unique gifts made up for any engagement you may be attending such as birthdays, weddings, showers, etc. and beautifully wrap them. We plan to make your shopping with us an exciting and wonderful experience every time. We cannot wait to open That's What She Shed Boutique and meet all our new fabulous customers. #thatswhatsheshed #thatswhatsheshedboutique #comingsoon #wecantwait

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